About Gunsmoke:

Gunsmoke Hunting

This family business started in 1980 when a small group of friends from Oklahoma and Texas found themselves in Western Kansas and in need of an experienced guide.  Walt guided them through his operating farm's 2,500 acres of wildlife plots, picturesque wooded creeks, and grain stubble.  A hunting comradeship quickly made these groups family friends.

The Okie's and Texans went home and bragged about the experience they had in Hanston, KS; and soon Gunsmoke Hunting grew, via word of mouth, into a premiere pheasant hunting destination.

Gunsmoke was built on excellent hunting, excellent food, and lasting friendships.  This commitment is why 98.9% of the customers return year-after-year, and those first groups from Oklahoma and Texas still make their annual trek to Walt and Gwen's.